Together is more fun


We believe that Barking has an amazing community and our aim is to bring everyone together and to grow never ending support, love and kindness. Last year we have started a program with many exciting and fun activities. Twinkle Tots dancing with Tiffany Annan, Create & Make crafting with Sarina Mantle, and Fitness classes with Petra Steiner were only the very beginning of our aspirations.


If you have an interesting idea and want to get involved please do not hesitate to write to us at 


There is something for everyone

Barking Park is a fantastic place for all kinds of celebrations. Birthdays and family celebrations, christenings and baby showers, engagements parties and movie locations are only few of the events that we have hosted. We are always very helpful and will try our best to deliver your vision of a perfect moment.  


For more information write to us at